Spice up your Instagram Stories with Different Fonts

There’s no doubt that Instagram stories can get repetitive. They only offer a limited variety of fonts, leaving you (and potentially your followers) bored and looking for a change. There’s a bunch of ways around this out there right now, especially available on platforms like TikTok – but recently, I came across a new favourite that’s quick, simple and will be sure to upgrade your social media game.

Stay until the end for direct links to our favourite fonts!

Step 1

Download “Vont” for free on the App Store! Vont is super straightforward and already offers a variety of more basic fonts, such as Helvetica Neue and Times New Roman – but there’s also an option to download your own.

Step 2

On your phone, open the safari app and visit Dafont.com (or if you’re reading this on mobile, click here)! The first page you’ll see features fonts that have been recently uploaded to Dafont (left photo). Above where the list of fonts begins there’s a massive menu that includes categories, so it’s easier for you to browse through potential options that are the vibe you’re looking for. As seen in the right photo, one of my personal favourites is “Groovy” – the best page to find vintage, 70s inspired fonts.

Step 3

Once you’ve found a font that you love, click the “Download” button to the right of each option. Be mindful of the caption above it – if it says “Free for personal use”, you’re more than welcome to use it for personal reasons (such as Instagram stories or TikToks)! After you click download, select the small downwards facing arrow in the upper right corner of your Safari browser. The name of your font should appear and once it does, select it!

Step 4

Your phone will automatically redirect you to the files app. From there press and hold on your downloaded font, select “share”, and then swipe right until you see “Copy to Vont” as an option (if you don’t see it, click on the “…” and it should appear). Afterwards click on “Install”, and then you’re all set to use your new font in the “Your Fonts” tab on Vont!

Our Favourites

Now for the fun part – to link our favourites! Press on any of the below images to download off of Dafont.

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