The Mutual Muse is a female owned and operated news and media company based out of Ottawa, Canada – the main goal being to spread positivity, inspiration and to support local businesses throughout Ontario.

Sarah Mills


Sarah is a photographer, content creator and illustrator born and raised in the nation’s capital. At 16, she started her first photography business and started teaching herself about all things social media. She loves country music, dogs, travelling and being outside!

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Allie Cui


Born and raised in Ottawa, Allie is currently pursuing her BHSc at McMaster University. During her spare time, she loves creating content for her YouTube channel as well as working as a freelance photographer – capturing moments with a focus in lifestyle, food & travel.

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Elle Brohman

Contributor and Social Media Manager

Elle was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. She is a model and actor based in Ontario. Elle is a huge advocate for mental health and sexual assault awareness in both men and women.

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Sarah Johnson

Contributor and Content Creator

Born and raised in the tight knit beach town of Dunrobin, Sarah grew a passion for exploring and the outdoors, and being a former high level athlete has made Sarah a total gym addict. She is currently a student at Queen’s University, and has fallen in love with Kingston, Ontario!

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Allison Wang

Contributor and Social Media Manager

Allison is a grade 11 student and a competitive dancer outside of school. She loves to express herself through music and photography, and strives to inspire others as well as to create a positive impact on the society around her.

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Caitlyn Hellard


Living in Ottawa, Caitlyn is a high school student who loves working with kids, music and writing. She is a very outgoing and enthusiastic person, and has a lot of experience running social media pages as well as writing through school and work. Caitlyn is thrilled to be working with such a wonderful team of girls on the blog – expect to see a lot of music related posts from her!

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Bryah Risdon

Contributor and Content Creator

Bryah has lived in Ottawa for her entire life. She’s a photographer but also loves to be on the water, on her paddle board! She’s a huge environmental activist, and is most excited about writing content to help future people transition to a plant based diet!

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Morgan Nordskog

Contributor and Content Creator

Morgan is an Ottawa-based photographer with experience in graphic design, video and web design. She is a music and outdoors enthusiast and aspiring world traveller.

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Bernie Gracieuse


Bernie is a fashion student a with a passion of all things art and issues related to black people. She uses her writing as a mean of expression, connection & to continue conversations that shape our community. 

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Alexis Wormald


Alexis has always been interested in fashion, beauty and wellness ever since she can remember. She loves travelling the world, as well as discovering new places! She’s been to so many already, but one of the places at the top of her bucket list is Santorini, Greece. Alexis has also been modelling since age 7 and continues to love it to this day.

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