Shopping Sustainably in Ottawa’s Vintage Clothing Community

It’s no secret that vintage style, music and even culture is making a modern day comeback. I’d be surprised if you told me that you haven’t scrolled down any of your social media feeds and seen a film-inspired edit recently! Seeing as how 2020 hasn’t been the best to us so far, it’s really no wonder that people everywhere have been embracing an older era.

Photo: KD Vintage Goods Instagram

Thrifting has always been popular, but it’s not every day that you find a 90s slip dress, in your size and without any damages, in your local Value Village. A few years ago I came across an Instagram business that focused on re-selling specifically vintage clothing items that they’ve collected throughout the years – and ever since then, I’ve been watching the Ottawa vintage market grow to become the small family that they’ve become today. If you’re not familiar, they do the hard work of digging through the piles and piles of grandma clothes for you to find the best, most one of a kind pieces. What’s even cooler is that each of these small businesses have their own unique style, with types of pieces and eras represented in so many different fashions (literally)! Kadeeshia Solomon of @kdvintagegoods says that she gravitates towards purchasing items from the 80s or 90s to resell, but still aims to make her page as diverse as possible. More specifically, when searching for pieces she takes into account whether they’re vintage, if the material is still in good shape, if it’s unique and last but not least, whether it’s something her audience would be interested in. 

When asked what she loves about this community as a preloved fashion business owner, Kadeeshia describes it as a big family where everyone is constantly supporting each other and rooting for each other. She says that ever since she was a child, she’s loved the adventure of thrift shopping – which in the end, inspired her to start her business!

I totally believe that retro/vintage has always been, and will always be a trend. I personally think there’s nothing cooler than wearing an item that has survived a few decades and has a story behind it. I think a good pair of vintage “mom jeans” or high waisted bottoms will be a trend that will never disappear!

Kadeeshia Solomon, KD Vintage Goods

Another member of the Ottawa vintage community is Circle Goods Ottawa, a business that not only brings together different curators with different styles, but offers a monthly subscription box personalized to the client’s individual style. This further proves that each business is unique to the next – some offer more minimalist pieces, some focus on colourful knits and prints. Some even have the option for buyers to book times to try on pieces privately! 

As for why you should shop vintage, or shop vintage more often? As mentioned by Kadeeshia in our interview, there’s a clear sustainable impact in our community. Not only that but each vintage item has their own story behind it, making it magical and truly one of a kind. And then there’s the obvious – shopping from one of these amazing businesses supports a local and helps them do what they love every single day. 

Photo: Circle Goods Ottawa

To conclude, please find a list of just a few of the members of the Ottawa vintage clothing community. If you’re unable to purchase, be sure to show them some love on social media and consider buying from them over larger, corporate companies on your next shopping spree!

KD Vintage Goods

Circle Goods Ottawa

Ivy Vintage Clothing

Weft & Whorl

Deserted Darlings

613 Fashion Finds

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